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Here at Waterfall Equestrian we are all about having fun. We like to ensure our horses are happy as are our riders. Carol has a lifetime of knowledge on horses and loves to share it with her clients. Her patient manner with horses and people works extremely well with her teaching methods. Carol has experience in both the competitive and non competitive environments, providing coaching for riders and their horses before competitions or those who have never even been on a horse before. Clients can feel at ease gaining confidence and equestrian skills inside the safety of our arena. 


With the dream of having her own equestrian centre, Carol and husband Colin are continuing to build that dream by developing a purpose built equestrian facility to share with other equestrian enthusiasts and have already received plenty of positive PR. 


Our horses have been on the Australian breakfast show; Sunrise, have been in many wedding photos, Carol has starred in book 'Wanaka, Earth to Heaven at Whare Kea', by Michael McKay, and has featured in many New Zealand Tourism campaigns, and relevant magazines. 


Carol has been around horses for her entire life, providing her with extensive knowledge on everything equestrian. Her dream to have an equestrian centre has now come true and her and her team are ready to share their knowledge and teach you the equestrian skills you would like to learn. 

Owner Carol Armstrong 

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