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When you arrive we will require payment of $154.35 total per person for all rides to be made on the day you will be riding with us. 


$150 + 2.9% credit card surcharge


Please use booking code to proceed. 



1x Full Ride book as part of a mixedgroup x4 required in total

  • Please be aware that we are a weather dependent business and if we do have to cancel a ride you will get a full refund of your deposit. 


    If it is YOU that makes the cancellation please give us at least 12hrs warning and we will refund your full amount. Anything after 12hrs will not be refunded. 



  • Please note there will be nothing shipped to you, however we do still require your address in the delivery fields. Please understand that we will keep this completely confidential and will not be using your address for anything after you have filled it out. The program we are using requires this to accept payment. 


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